About Dr. Sunita Punjabi

Born in Bombay India and raised in America, Dr. Sunita is able to bring Eastern Spirituality to modern day coaching and counseling. “When I look at Spiritual text I can see the Science. When I look at Science I can see Spirituality. My education in the field of counseling and psychology has empowered me to create a method for people that allow them to have lasting transformation”- Dr. Sunita Punjabi.

In addition to her PhD work, she has proven to be successful in her own businesses. The combination of education and real-world experience has allowed her to bring a higher quality of coaching and life intervention.

Education: PhD in Psychology (abd), Masters in Counseling and a Certified Life Coach.

    ·       Organizational and personal transformation

·       Specialty Work in Employee Engagement

·       Group Facilitator

·       Key note speaker

·       Conducts private group and individual coaching

·       Expert in Neurofeedback using Neuro-Integration technology (Brain Training)

·       Research extends into the areas of Career Development, Organizational Psychology, and the emerging field of Neuroplasticity.



14747 Jones Maltsberger Rd. Building 500

San Antonio, TX 78247

210- 884-1200