Brain Coach Services




Organizational Coaching

Condense time frames for faster learning and transformation.


Employee Engagement

Creating “Cause Driven” Companies


Life Coaching

Personal guidance to get life back on track or take your life to another level.

Career Guidance

Have you ever wondered if your job or current profession was really meant for you? Do you crave more fulfillment in your work? Through specially created interviews and assessments, you can get these questions answered. You have a purpose and it is unique to you.

Finding your purpose will alert you of specific talents that are innate to you and ways to use them in your current profession or this awareness can guide your next career move.


Group Facilitation

Moving Groups to Action, Response and Resilience Training


Performance Enhancement

Gives you the “edge” needed as you grow yourself or your organization.

Organizational Retreats

1 to 2 day Training Programs To Enhance Productivity and Engagement



Conflict Resolution

Serving as Arbitration Settling Organizational and Personal Disputes.